Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts May Reduce Future Damage to New Jersey Homes

 Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts May Reduce Future Damage to New Jersey Homes


Hurricane Sandy recovery in New Jersey continues eight months after the super-storm hit the east coast of the United States. Much of the debris has been removed, but t new Jersey landscapes  he repair of wind and water damage will be an ongoing project for some time to come.

Hurricane Sandy, measuring over 1,100 miles in diameter, was the largest Atlantic coast hurricane on record to hit the East Coast of the United States. It caused damage from Florida to Maine, and affected states as far west as Wisconsin. But, some of the worst damage was inflicted upon New Jersey.

Every aspect of home and office construction has been needed in the recovery process. Electrical systems were flooded. Basements and in many cases ground floor units were completely submerged. Most of the contents were destroyed by water and the structures themselves have been damaged. Wind and water have caused extensive damage to roofs, windows, foundations and landscaping.

Damage to roofs, windows and siding should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring. Accumulated water in basements must be removed and the drying out process needs to be implemented promptly.

If your New Jersey property was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, you need to be diligent in identifying hidden problems during your recovery and reconstruction efforts. Some indications of hidden damage may be water stains or slight buckling of flooring or other parts of the structure. But, there may be other damage that doesn’t seem obvious just by looking. One hidden problem can be the onset of mildew and mold growth.

The kinds of repairs involved in hurricane recovery exceed the abilities of the average homeowner. In most cases you would be wise in contracting with companies that have experience in dealing with the special problems associated with this kind of damage. Be certain that you are dealing with qualified individuals and companies that are licensed and experience in their respective trades.

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